The Science.

Sure, there’s science around our creams. However, we can not, and will not, make any claims regarding them. We encourage you to find others who are already familiar with our creams to see how they have liked our products. Claims cause trouble. We don’t want trouble. We want happy, healthy, glowing skin! Here’s our fancy “scientific formula” for happy skin, a happy life and a happy YOU!!!

  • Keep your vitamin and mineral levels optimal. Get plenty of sunshine with that AMAZING Vitamin D!!

  • Eat as healthy as possible – avoiding GMO (genetically modified) foods and eating fresh organic fruits and vegetables daily.

  • Drink at least 8 – 8 ounce glasses of filtered water daily.

  • Exercise daily.

  • Get adequate sleep & relaxation.

  • Be kind to animals!

  • Do what you can to help the planet.

  • And most importantly, ENJOY life and surround yourself with the ones you LOVE!!