Giving back.

We are very grateful to be able to provide so many loyal customers from around the globe with our wonderful products! We’re also grateful for all the raw materials used in making our products. A couple of the ones that we’re most pleased and honored to be using are the phenomenal Boswellia (Frankincense) ingredients.

But like anything that’s world renown or highly sought after, we run the risk of depleting these resources. This is currently happening in the Cal Madow Mountains of Somaliland, Africa with their amazing Frankincense trees.

There is a wonderful foundation “Save Frankincense” that is making huge strides to make sure these resources aren’t depleted.

That’s why we, here at CorEssence, are giving back! And thus, YOU are giving back too! We pledge to give a percentage of our profits to this foundation so that they can continue with this wonderful work that they are doing! The photos on this page are courtesy of their website.

Save Frankincense Facebook

We thank you, for allowing us to help them! We will keep you updated on any important news they have to share.