Welcome to the CorEssence line of skincare products.

We are very pleased to provide you with a line of much loved & sought after creams.

At CorEssence we thrive to help you get your skin as hydrated and supple as possible. We know the effects that everyday life can play on your skin. We’re also aware that everything we put on our skin goes deeper—into our bloodstream and gets deep within our cells. That’s why we strive to use the very best ingredients we can, so as to not weaken your immune system anymore than it may already be. Our products are 100% vegan and not in anyway tested on animals.

Our containers.

We use glycoproteins (also called glycopeptides) in our creams which are amazing proteins found naturally on the fatty layer membranes around all cells. We know how essential these glycoproteins can be. We offer you a couple different strength options to choose from.

We know that when you use ingredients as high quality & sought after as ours, that you must store them in high quality containers. That’s why we chose Miron glass high quality UV glass jars.  Not only are they beautiful, but they keep our creams fresher, longer. You can read more info about them here: http://www.miron-glas.com/en/Functionality

The storage tests are pretty phenomenal! Look at the examples of tomatoes & chives.

In regards to how long our creams last, it’s more of an “oxidation” problem with oils going bad rather than proteins themselves. We’ve had customers tell us that they are still benefiting from their jars that have been open for over 3 years. However, we put on our jars that they need to be disposed of 6 months from opening. We want to reassure you, that if you end up using them longer, they will not harm you in any way. It’s just a “labeling” thing. Plus, these phenomenal Miron jars make our creams last even longer than the previous creams!

You will find both an inner liner cap seal, as well as a safety seal on the outside of our jars. This assures you that there was no tampering with the product between the filling of the containers and shippping to you. We take pride in the quality & safety of out products.

Our packaging.

We care about the environment! And we don’t believe in creating added waste. That’s why you won’t see actual boxes for our products. We know those just immediately get thrown away. So, what’s the point, other than for keeping our products safe while shipping. Instead, we use a biodegradeable green wrap which can be reused, composted or recycled! Our shipping boxes are also also recyclable. When we send samples, we often reuse bubble wrap packaging to keep them safe and from rattling around too much. We aim to make your life a bit easier, allowing you to be able to just put packaging directly into your bins!